QUIZ to Discover How You Relate to Your Spouse and the Problems that Your Style May Bring


Instructions to Respond the QUIZ Questions

After you answer these questions, we will send you a report that determines your predominant style of relating in intimacy, especially with your partner.

Knowing which of the four styles your behavior resembles will greatly help you to discover the source of your difficulties and what you should do to remedy them.

When answering the questions, reflect on your behavior with your current partner; and if you are not currently in a relationship, answer based on how it was with a previous partner.

Remember, while answering, to think particularly about your behavior during moments of discussion or conflict.

QUIZ to Discover Your Relational Profile

"*" indica campo obligatorio



Please mark the answer that best describes your degree of agreement or disagreement with every phrase.

1. I find disagreements depressing.*
2. I am argumentative and quick to anger.*
3. I find myself calling my partner names in my head, but I don’t say them out loud.*
4. I fear my partner will leave, so I do everything I can to keep them close.*
5. When my partner hurts me, I feel justified to hurt them back.*
6. I can’t stop myself from trying to get a resolution sooner rather than later.*
7. I have little patience or willingness for discussing my emotions.*
8. It’s important to me that my partner understand what I need to feel better.*
9. I tend to doubt myself.*
10. When things are hard, I speak harshly to myself.*
11. I tend to go silent.*
12. My energy can feel frantic.*
13. I am easily provoked into an argument.*
14. I don’t have a lot of patience when my partner is wrong.*
15. It’s just not worthwhile engaging.*
16. I am unable to speak my truth.*
17. I can come across as needy.*
18. How I feel about myself depends on how my partner is feeling about me.*
19. I turn away or leave, shutting my partner down.*
20. I am prone to feeling shame or embarrassment about my feelings.*
21. I can come across as controlling when I tell my partner what I need.*
22. I feel an urgency to get my partner to be happy with me.*
23. I am clearly right, so what more is there to talk about?*
24. It’s hard for me not say something when I’m hurt.*
25. I go after my partner when something is important to me.*
26. I avoid big displays of emotion.*
27. I feel like it is my fault when my partner is unhappy with me.*
28. I am great at giving the silent treatment.*
29. I worry my opinions and feelings are not valuable or worthwhile, so I keep to myself.*
30. I like to have the upper hand in an argument.*
31. I need to hear from my partner what I can do to make it better.*
32. I don’t hold back about my feelings.*


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